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Carter Boehm Top 3 Films Entering The Public Domain This Year

Top 3 Films Entering The Public Domain This Year

It’s been a while since any forms of art have entered the public domain. The general rule, at least until 1998, was that media and entertainment became free for educational use after 75 years from the original release. United States Congress changed the law, however, placing a 20-year hold on copyrighted material. This prolonged the […]

Carter Boehm Who Could Play the Next James Bond?

Who Could Play the Next James Bond?

The identity of the “Best Bond” is a hot point of contention among fans of the James Bond franchise, so it’s no wonder that who will be the next Bond is an even more severe point of contention. Each man to take up the role so far has brought it in a unique direction – […]

Carter Boehm Tips and Tricks for Attending Sundance

Tips and Tricks for Attending Sundance

In terms of indie films, there’s possibly no event as big as the Sundance Film Festival. But it’s a crowded event with its own unique culture, and that means it’s beneficial to¬†come prepared. Whether you’re an actor or writer trying to build your network or just an enthusiastic film aficionado, these tips can help you […]

Carter Boehm 4 Greatest Oscar Snubs of All Time

4 Greatest Oscar Snubs of All Time

The Oscars¬†are a magical time for film makers and actors alike. As one of the most prestigious awards of modern art, the Oscars are known to boast the finest efforts in cinema, however, sometimes the best movies are completely overlooked. These are the 4 biggest Oscar snubs of all time. 4 Months, 3 Weeks and […]


The Worst Films From The Greatest Directors

Even the best directors have made bad movies. Sometimes this was because their careers were in the early stages, or they did not have enough experience yet. The worst movies by the best directors are discussed below. James Cameron has directed amazing movies including Avatar, Terminator, Aliens and Titanic. The glaring exception is Piranha II: […]


The Three Best Christopher Nolan Films

Christopher Nolan is known for films that are often great and always interesting. Even when his movies where reaction was mixed such as The Dark Knight Returns and Interstellar, the consensus was less that the films were bad so much as they didn’t compare well to the rest of his body of work. Nolan’s films […]


Super Bowl Ad Round-Up: Movie and Television Trailers

The one thing that nearly everybody can support while watching the Super Bowl is the progression of new commercials that premiere during the broadcast. In addition to advertisements for beer, car, and household products, trailers for Hollywood’s biggest productions have become highly anticipated during the game. Super Bowl LII without question featured the premiere of […]


Worst Movies of 2017

2017 is officially over, for better or worse. Now that we are in the beginning of a new year, we can take some time to reflect on last year and the joy, and pain, it brought us. More specifically, I want to take a look at the film industry. After a successful year with a […]


Best Movie Trailers for 2018

As the year ends and nominations for the year’s best movies come out, it’s time to look ahead at some of the movies that are coming out in 2018. The trailers for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse, Avengers: Infinity War, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom are already out, and they’re generating some serious buzz for their […]


Movies to Get Excited About in 2018

Marvel Studios has very bsuy and exciting year coming up in 2018. The organization has been stepping up its game in regards to movie releases. Marvel has become very ambitious with the number of movies its releasing and has five films planned for the 2018 year.   About Marvel Marvel Entertainment, is a wholly-owned subsidiary […]

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