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Carter Boehm The Best Cult Classic Films

The Best Cult Classic Films

What defines a “cult classic”? It’s a film that has achieved iconic status either through notoriety or because they’re just plain weird. People who love those types of movies can probably quote them line-for-line. Here are a few movies that definitely fit this category. “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” Movies like this one come with […]

Carter Boehm Some of Quentin Tarantino's Best Films

Some of Quentin Tarantino’s Best Films

Among the talented artists of Hollywood, none has more creatively varied his output than Quentin Tarantino. This Tennessee native cut his teeth on movies at a young age, solidifying his commitment to film by writing screenplays while working as a clerk at a video store. Which films are Tarantino’s best? Quentin J. Tarantino The Writer […]

Carter Boehm Films That Went Through Development Hell

Films That Went Through Development Hell

One of the most dreaded phrases in the movie industry is “development hell.” This refers to movies that take far too long to be financed, filmed, and edited. Here are some of the most notable examples of movies that got stuck in development hell before finally being released. The Man Who Killed Don Quixote This […]

Carter Boehm Disney+, What is it?

Disney+, What is it?

Disney is stepping up to the streaming plate with perks that audiences will enjoy. By revealing plans to create their ad-free service, they’ve already created a rivalry with the big players Netflix and Amazon. Disney+ is exactly what it sounds like. Your favorite Disney productions all in one place. It will include new and original content, at […]

Carter Boehm Summer 2019's Most Anticipated Movies

Summer 2019’s Most Anticipated Movies

Summer is the busiest season at the movie theater. Parents need a way to entertain the kids with school out of session. Watching a film in an air-conditioned theater is also a great way to beat the heat. This boom in ticket sales is why the year’s most anticipated movies are always released in the summer. These […]

Carter Boehm Montana’s Film Tax Credit and Yellowstone Film Ranch

Montana’s Film Tax Credit and Yellowstone Film Ranch

When you think of large Hollywood films, like Lord of the Rings, the Marvel Cinematic Universe films or Avatar, you probably wonder how they get such beautiful locations, right? Where do these film studios go in order to get shots of the Shire, or Wakanda or Pandora? Obviously, none of these locations actually exist, so […]

Carter Boehm Apple TV+: Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Apple TV+: Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Television is in the midst of a revolution. Streaming media has changed the landscape in a way that hasn’t been seen since the early advent of cable. And while streaming services like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix are dominating the scene, it’s too lucrative a market to not draw in a flood of competitors. It […]

Carter Boehm These 20th Century Fox Movies Still Matter

These 20th Century Fox Movies Still Matter

In modern times, 20th Century Fox is mostly known for producing big budget action movies and being a subsidiary of Disney. Many people have forgotten that it was one of the first major film studios, so it was behind a lot of truly impressive movies. These movies from Fox revolutionized the film industry and will […]

Carter BoehmSpielberg Vs. Netflix: Battle of the Giants

Spielberg Vs. Netflix: Battle of the Giants

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences manages the Academy Awards, which means they make the rules as far as who gets to compete for an Oscar. They were recently asked to address the issue of whether original Netflix movies could qualify for Oscar awards, but, as those productions are considered television, the Academy’s […]

Carter Boehm Classic Horror Movies Referenced in "Us"

Classic Horror Movies Referenced in “Us”

With Us, Jordan Peele has created another fresh horror vision. Of course, Peele also references classic horror movies throughout the film. Here are three of them (minor spoilers): Dawn of the Dead George Romero’s 1978 masterpiece uses a mall setting to comment on commercialism, blurring the line between zombies mindlessly consuming flesh and humans mindlessly consuming […]

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