Streaming services like Hulu are rapidly becoming the go-to source for home entertainment for most Americans. The great thing about Hulu is that it is impossible to run out of things to watch. The huge library continues to grow every month as more titles are added to the service. These are the four best movies and television shows that are coming to Hulu in September.

The Matrix

“The Matrix” is a revolutionary science fiction film starring Keanu Reaves and Carrie-Anne Moss. The film’s special effects are still incredibly mind blowing despite being made 20 years ago. With the recent news of an upcoming fourth film in the franchise, September is the perfect time to enjoy the original. “The Matrix” and its two sequels will hit Hulu on September 1.

Training Day

While Denzel Washington delivers an amazing performance in all of his films, he may never be able to top his stunning acting in “Training Day.” The film stars Washington as a dirty cop showing his new rookie partner the ropes in Los Angeles. Washington won his only Lead Actor Oscar for his work in the film. “Training Day” will be available to stream on September 1.

The Purge TV

“The Purge” is one of the most popular horror film franchises of all-time. The popularity of the films help spawn a television series with the same name. The entire 10-episode season follows several lead characters as they look to survive one night where all crimes are legal. The series gives an intricate look at how the one night of lawlessness completely changes the lives of the local citizens. This level of personal detail was missing from the films. Viewers can binge watch season one of “The Purge” starting on September 3.

Lethal Weapon

“Lethal Weapon” completely changed the action and buddy-cop film genres when it was released in 1987. Everyone that watched the movie felt an instant connection to Riggs and Murtaugh. The movie’s ability to seamlessly combine action, comedy and drama made it an instant classic. “Lethal Weapon” was so beloved by fans that Mel Gibson and Danny Glover signed on for three sequels. All four films in the franchise can be watched on Hulu at the beginning of the month.