As an avid movie lover, I constantly have my finger on the pulse of Hollywood’s latest offerings. This year has offered a great list of films, many of which are worthy of an Oscar or two. Although it is still very early, I wanted to name a few films that I believe stand a fighting chance to win an an Academy Award.


Get Out – Best Picture

Jordan Peele’s first foray into directing a feature film was an instant smash. The film created a strange and surreal atmosphere while also making a poignant statement on today’s society and race relations. Although not the all-out horror film that some were expecting, the uncomfortable situations, clever symbolism and dash of comedy won audiences over. With brilliant performances and a mountain of critical praise, Get Out is a forerunner for Best Picture.


Dunkirk – Sound Editing

Christopher Nolan’s latest film is a nail-biting and harrowing look into the life of a soldier in the heat of battle. The film takes an unusual approach to its storytelling by telling three separate, yet intersecting, stories at once over the course of a few days. Although the film has terrific acting, amazing cinematography, and some fantastic action sequences (and the film is being considered for Best Picture), where Dunkirk really stands out is its sound. Throughout its entire two-and-a-half hour runtime, Dunkirk features a cacophony of machine gunfire, air raids and explosions that are designed to make audiences jump out of their seat and feel like a true soldier on the frontline of war. There are moments, particularly during dogfight sequences, where the sound effects are so loud, you feel as though you need to pause the movie and take a moment to collect your thoughts. The sound editing makes you feel an intense emotion of fear and anxiety.


War for the Planet of the Apes – Visual Effects

This year’s conclusion to the fantastic Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy lacked the same great story and writing from the first two. However, what it lacked in plot it more than made up for in visual effects. WETA Digital, the VFX company responsible for bringing the apes to life, truly outdid themselves for this film. Every strand of hair and facial wrinkle on every single ape looked as realistic as technologically possible, making these apes seem as though they were really on set.


2017 played host to some truly great films. Although I’m incredibly excited to see next year’s official Oscar nominees, these are just a few of the films that I’ve picked.