Carter Boehm’s Early Life

Travel has always played an integral role in Carter Boehm’s life. As the son of Edward “Ed” Boehm, an American cinematographer and an Italian mother, Carter Boehm was destined to see the world. From a very early age, Carter accompanied his father on wildlife photography shoots which spanned the globe. The Boehms travelled and image of land developer Carter Boehmworked in Africa, the Middle East, South America, Asia and Europe. Carter worked as an assistant to his father who filmed and photographed wildlife, selling footage to publishers like Life Magazine and Disney . Although these experiences came at the expense of traditional schooling for Boehm, he credits his parents for providing him with such a colorful and formative experience which contributed highly to his success as an entrepreneur today.

When he wasn’t busy globe-trotting as an assistant to his photographer father on assignment, Carter Boehm could be found practicing karate and daydreaming in Livingston, Montana about his family’s next global adventure. Carter Boehm was heavily involved in Karate at a young age. The discipline and focus he learned from this sport, would lead him to win the Montana board breaking championship, and he would eventually place second in the Northwest board breaking contest achieving the rank of the 2nd black belt. Although Boehm missed school work due to family trips around the world, he gained life experiences and knowledge unmatched by his peers.

Carter Boehm and HC Land Company

Carter Boehm is the principal and owner of HC Land Company, based in Vienna, Virginia. Since launching this land investment and development company in 1998, Carter and his team have strategically negotiated the acquisition of hundreds of properties in the D.C. metro area. Currently, Carter and his business handle major rezoning projects in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Carter thrives on the idea of identifying and developing properties that truly suit the buyer. One of his favorite

Prior to starting the HC Land Company, Carter Boehm spent many years cultivating his passion for real estate and land development in Northern Virginia and Montana, where he grew up. Carter points to 1972 as a monumental year for him personally, because this signified the first time he purchased a piece of land. And in that moment, Carter fell in love with real estate.

After realizing his love for real estate and land development, Boehm decided to transition from promotions to his true interest. Boehm entered the real estate industry selling properties as a broker. He formed the brokerage firm Century 21 Townside Properties in Northern Virginia, relying heavily on the business acumen he had gained through promotions and the disciplined attitude he had cultivated through his karate practice and experience in the military.

One of Carter’s other successful business ventures is film. Recently, Carter Boehm founded the production company Ponderosa Films in honor of his father. Although the company is still small, its vision is large. The company has already produced the film Broken Ghost last year, and is already working on a brand new film, Robert the Bruce, which is shaping up to be a Scottish epic. Through hard work and dedication, Carter hopes to make Ponderosa Films a household name and a major player in Hollywood. At the moment, the production company is focused on independent films, however, it may transition to larger films in the future.