Carter Boehm’s Early Life Carter Boehm Headshot

When he wasn’t busy globe-trotting as an assistant to his photographer father on assignment, Carter Boehm could be found practicing karate and daydreaming in Livingston, Montana about his family’s next global adventure. Carter Boehm was heavily involved in Karate at a young age. The discipline and focus he learned from this sport, would lead him to win the Montana board breaking championship, and he would eventually place second in the Northwest board breaking contest achieving the rank of the 2nd black belt. Although Boehm missed school work due to family trips around the world, he gained life experiences and knowledge unmatched by his peers.


Carter Boehm and HC Land Company

Carter Boehm is the principal and owner of HC Land Company, based in Vienna, Virginia. Since launching this land investment and development company in 1998, Carter and his team have strategically negotiated the acquisition of hundreds of properties in the D.C. metro area. Currently, Carter and his business handle major rezoning projects in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Carter thrives on the idea of identifying and developing properties that truly suit the buyer. One of his favorite

Prior to starting the HC Land Company, Carter Boehm spent many years cultivating his passion for real estate and land development in Northern Virginia and Montana, where he grew up. Carter points to 1972 as a monumental year for him personally, because this signified the first time he purchased a piece of land. And in that moment, Carter fell in love with real estate.

After realizing his love for real estate and land development, Boehm decided to transition from promotions to his true interest. Boehm entered the real estate industry selling properties as a broker. He formed the brokerage firm Century 21 Townside Properties in Northern Virginia, relying heavily on the business acumen he had gained through promotions and the disciplined attitude he had cultivated through his karate practice and experience in the military.

One of Carter’s other successful business ventures is film. Recently, Carter Boehm founded the production company Ponderosa Films in honor of his father. Although the company is still small, its vision is large. The company has already produced the film Broken Ghost last year, and is already working on a brand new film, Robert the Bruce, which is shaping up to be a Scottish epic. Through hard work and dedication, Carter hopes to make Ponderosa Films a household name and a major player in Hollywood. At the moment, the production company is focused on independent films, however, it may transition to larger films in the future.

Near completion, Robert the Bruce is sure to take audiences and critics by storm. Carter Boehm is incredibly excited to bring his latest project to the masses. After putting in so many long hours of hard work, he knows that the public will be pleasantly surprised by this film that is being dubbed a spiritual sequel to Braveheart.

Carter’s interest in film stemmed from a young age. He’s always had an affinity for the theater and this was only perpetuated by his father, who’d worked for Disney and TIME making documentary films on wildlife. Carter would join his father during filming excursions and gain a breadth of knowledge on both wildlife and film. Carter looks back on these times rather fondly.

Carter’s experience with film has been extensive. More specifically, Carter Boehm has had a great deal of experience with both film and audio, and how the two merge. During the early stages of his professional career, Carter served as an audio and visual technician for the White House. This position proved to be particularly memorable for Carter, seeing as how we was able to work directly with film and audio for major White House events. Carter served as the audio and visual technician for several public speeches and conferences held by major political figures.

Shortly after, Carter found extreme success in real estate and had taken a bit of a break from his film interests. However, after several years of running and owning a successful real estate development company, Carter Boehm wanted to go back to his first passion: film. And so, he founded Ponderosa Films and has been seeing success similar to his time in real estate.

When it comes to film, Carter isn’t terribly picky about his interests. He enjoys indulging in a variety of films, from a variety of genres. Whether it’s horror, comedy, comedy or action, Carter will watch it. He also isn’t terribly particular in the kinds of movies he watches. Carter thoroughly enjoys the larger-than-life stories and special effects of big-budget Hollywood blockbusters, but can also find solace in the down-to-Earth and emotionally-impactful plot lines of independent films.

Carter Boehm is also heavily intrigued in the glamorous and glitzy world of Hollywood. Carter has made it his mission to keep his thumb on the pulse of the Hollywood circuit. From the latest news and gossip on celebrities to general news in the community, Carter is absolutely dialed in on what’s happening in Hollywood.

Although Ponderosa Films is still very young, Carter is confident that, with time and high-quality films, his studio can make major waves in Hollywood. He strongly feels that Robert the Bruce, along with the other films his studio has already produced, will launch his studio into the stratosphere.

Carter hopes to continue the success he’s seen in the film industry and to create larger and greater connections within Hollywood. On this site, he will focus heavily on writing blogs that deal with subjects related to film. It’s just another way that Carter remains up to date with the industry. He hopes that this website will inspire directors, writers, producers, actors and filmmakers of all kinds to reach out and connect.

Outside of work, Carter Boehm can be found indulging in some of his other hobbies and interests. Primarily, Carter focuses a great deal of his time on philanthropic endeavors. He likes to evenly distribute his time among causes both foreign and domestic. Carter believes that the only way to improve the world is to work with your neighbor, to find the similarities, forget about your differences and work together harmoniously. It is the only way that we are going to improve this world and move forward as a society.

Carter hopes that you enjoy this website and the content that he’s created. He enjoys sharing his passion through writing and he hopes that you will like what he’s come up with.