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Netflix Fights To Keep Ahead Of The Competition

In order to entice movie talent, such as actors, producers and filmmakers, to work with Netflix rather than other big projects, Netflix is choosing to change their compensation process for these players. Previously, they would pay the talent upfront for the work they did and also pay for the production costs. Bloomberg now states that […]

Carter Boehm The Best Comedies on Netflix

The Best Comedies on Netflix

There is no better way to unwind after a hard day at work than by laughing for a few hours. Luckily, this is now easier than ever thanks to video streaming services. It only takes a few seconds to play a hilarious movie on the television using Netflix. These are four of the best comedies […]

Carter Boehm Disney+, What is it?

Disney+, What is it?

Disney is stepping up to the streaming plate with perks that audiences will enjoy. By revealing plans to create their ad-free service, they’ve already created a rivalry with the big players Netflix and Amazon. Disney+ is exactly what it sounds like. Your favorite Disney productions all in one place. It will include new and original content, at […]

Carter BoehmSpielberg Vs. Netflix: Battle of the Giants

Spielberg Vs. Netflix: Battle of the Giants

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences manages the Academy Awards, which means they make the rules as far as who gets to compete for an Oscar. They were recently asked to address the issue of whether original Netflix movies could qualify for Oscar awards, but, as those productions are considered television, the Academy’s […]

Carter Boehm The Best Indie Movies On Netflix

The Best Indie Movies On Netflix

There’s no need to pack up and hit the cinema to enjoy a good movie. Indie movies rarely get the marketing or distribution of major studio productions but like Indie books, they’re hidden gems waiting to be discovered. Indie filmmakers put all they’ve got into their art, and Netflix loves to feature them. Put on […]

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