Carter Boehm, up-and-coming film producer and founder of Ponderosa Films, has been making headlines as of late. Firstly, his latest production, Robert the Bruce, recently made its US debut at the Montana International Film Festival on September 22 after its UK-debut over the summer.

Not only is Carter producing films, he’s also hard at work creating a unique Western-themed film set based out of Montana. Yellowstone Film Ranch is set to be a one-of-a-kind permanent set, with movable set pieces and locations designed to accommodate any and all of Hollywood’s needs. The set is meant to offer Hollywood studios an enticing, professionally-constructed film set, and create buzz for Montana’s burgeoning film industry.

Yellowstone Film Ranch, and Carter himself, were featured in the article. Here’s an excerpt:

“Real estate developer and area native Carter Boehm and his production company, Ponderosa Films, partnered with Livingston’s own Soundcolor Studios to build a medieval village on Boehm’s Cokedale ranch to serve as the setting for the “Braveheart” sequel starring actor Angus MacFadyen reprising his role as Robert the Bruce.”

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