In modern times, 20th Century Fox is mostly known for producing big budget action movies and being a subsidiary of Disney. Many people have forgotten that it was one of the first major film studios, so it was behind a lot of truly impressive movies. These movies from Fox revolutionized the film industry and will continue to matter long after the company is absorbed by Disney.

The Grapes of Wrath

Released in 1940 while the Clutch Plague was still impacting millions of Americans, the Grapes of Wrath was a major departure from the cheery musicals that were popular at the time. This hard hitting adaption of Steinbeck’s classic book shocked people with its gritty realism. It was considered so grim that children were not allowed to buy tickets for it.

All About Eve

Released in 1950, All About Eve took what could have been a relatively shallow story about bickering actresses and made a detailed and nuanced film. Winning six Oscars, All About Eve was one of the first movies to let people know about the darker side of fame. It remains one of the most authentic stories about the acting industry.


For over 30 years after it was made, Cleopatra had the highest film budget in the world. This picture from 20th Century Fox revived the epic genre and solidified the idea that movies are meant to be grand displays filled with glitzy costumes, innovative visual effects, and stunning settings.


Alien proved that R-rated sci-fi films did not have to be cheesy movies filled with sex and gore. It helped to launch the trend of more serious sci-fi and fantasy movies that could be just as thoughtful as dramas. 20th Century Fox also helped to launch Ridley Scott’s career with this movie that boasts a wide range of practical effects and intricate sets.


Avatar is often dismissed as just being a movie about blue people flying around in space, but many forget just how big a phenomenon this movie was when it was released a decade ago. The movie shot to the top of box office charts and remains the highest grossing movie of all time. This movie showed that the public was truly interested in 3D movies, entirely changing the film industry.